Meet Girls at the Airport

January 15th, 2011

It’s easy to meet girls at the airport- they tend to be excited about their traveling, people mix naturally and are more open to talk to strangers compared to every day life. Also there are some places in airports where it is extremely easy to meet girls at the airport.

Meet Girls at the Airport- Your Attitude Counts

As always, your first step needs to be to make sure that you are open to meet girls. This sounds self-evident, but it isn’t. When you are traveling you are  inclined to be focused on things like “where is the check in counter” or “where is my gate” and this tends to shift away the focus from meeting girls. So make sure that you are always have an attitude of “I will meet girls everywhere”- and this includes airports.

In addition you often find girls traveling alone and there are happy to have some entertainment while waiting- making it easy to meet girls at the airport.

Typical Places to Meet Girls at the Airport

Just when meeting girls at the grocery store, lines are always great- you might think that long lines are a bad thing, but if you manage to be in line with a nice girl next to you, then the longer the wait the better for you- it gives you more opportunity to connect to the girl.

So watch out for lines at the typical places like at the gate, when checking in and so on. And make sure you position yourself in line before or after a nice girl you’d like to meet. Before is always better than after- when you stand behind her you have to wait for her to turn around, or tap her on the shoulder and ask her something. When you stand in line before her, all you have to do is to turn around and initiate the conversation.

Meet Girls at the Airport in Waiting Areas

These are pure gold- you will find many lonely girls sitting on benches with a free spot next to her. All you have to do is to walk up, ask if the seat is taken and start talking. A great subject are always fellow travelers. You’ll find all kind of strange people on airports, so that’s always a good opportunity to have a few laughs together.

The best waiting area is of course the one for your flight. Because you and the girl have the same destination there is a chance you’ll be able to hook up later. If you know the city your are going to and she doesn’t it’s almost guaranteed- you can offer her to show her around and take her to exciting places the normal tourist does not get to.

Meet Girls at Airport Restaurants

These are great too. Many girls just try to kill time by hanging out in airport restaurants- that’s another spot to easily meat girls at the airport. Just make sure you do not get disturbed by the restaurant procedure of food ordering and food delivery. I’ll write about that in an upcoming post.

In short, it is not a big deal to meet girls at the airport- so look forward to your next opportunity to travel and arrive one or two hours earlier at the airport.

Meet Girls at Bus Stops

January 8th, 2011

This is another great way to meet girls that guys tend not to use- what means, you have literally no competition and you will stand out just by doing it. If you want to meet girls at bus stops there are a couple of factors to consider to make meeting girls at bus stops successful.

Meet Girls at Bus Stops – The Time Constraint

Bus stops can be a bit tricky because you never know when the bus is coming, and unless you are riding the bus with her, you need to act quickly and get her contact information (phone number) fast. So the first thing to do is actually to ask her what bus she is waiting for, and when it will come. This will give you an idea on how much time you have to build a connection before you go for her number.

You need to get her number before the bus arrives if you want to meet girls at bus stops successfully. When the bus arrives she will be busy getting in line, picking up her stuff (for example if she has been shopping and has bags with her) and so on. That’s a disruption and everything will go much more smoothly if you get her phone number before the bus arrives.

So get to know when the bus comes and then plan accordingly.

Advantages to Meet Girls at Bus Stops

Usually girls waiting at bus stops do not have anything to do and are easy to chat up, making it easy to meet girls at bus stops. As always, girls like to be entertained, and if you are able to get her out of the boredom of waiting for a bus you are already in a good position. So bus stops are actually good meeting places.

Also there is a time constraint built in as discussed above. What means, your conversation will end and she knows it. This gives you a perfect opportunity and reason to ask for her number to continue the nice and interesting chat you had with her. Often girls are happy to talk on the phone when riding the bus (again, to avoid being bored), so asking for her phone number to continue the interesting conversation is normal and natural.

A Strategy to Meet Girls at Bus Stops

Try to find a bus stop where buses do not leave often to meet girls at bus stops. Your chance to have some time to talk to her will increase. Good bus stops are often located near malls or shopping centers. You will find plenty of single girls there who did there shopping alone (what means, she is alone and you do not have to befriend any friends that might be with her, and also, she is looking for entertainment).

Walk up to her and ask nicely if the bus to the location you found in the last step leaves here. She will say yes. That’s important for two reasons: First of all, in  the initial contact you need to avoid any negativity. Second, if the bus you are looking for leaves from another bus stop you do not have a legitimate reason to stay at this bus stop any longer.

Then continue by asking her where she goes, which bus she takes and when it will come. This gives you plenty of information to continue and build a interesting conversation.

As you see it is easy to meet girls at bus stops- all you have to do is start talking to a girl who is bored and welcomes some entertainment and you are on your way to meet girls at bus stops successfully.

Meet Girls- Where is Your Focus?

January 1st, 2011

If you want to meet girls successfully in your daily life and on a constant basis, you need to be aware of your focus. We men tend to be very focused compared to women. Their emotions are all over the place, their attention shifts constantly from one thing to another and so on. We men are different- being single minded is one of our greatest traits.

Testing and Your Focus

In fact, quite a bit of what many guys perceive as “testing” is nothing else but you wanting to stay on your path, following your direction and what your attention currently is aiming at, while her mind is distracted and flooded with ideas and emotions all the time. Of course, this challenges your focus – you might perceive this as she is “testing” your focus and your direction as a man.

She’s not doing this on purpose. This is how they are, you’ll have to live with it.

Your Focus- Why it is Important When You Want to Meet Girls

So, when it comes to your focus, your direction and your attention to what is going on in your life, you need to be aware that focus to have is a great thing, and it has negative sides as well. For example, if you are out shopping, getting things done, you are probably more in a mood of  “I want to finish this as fast as possible” and “How can I get this shopping done in the most efficient way”.

This attitude will not help you in meeting girls. You will be focused on your task, on what you are doing currently, and not be inviting to make a contact. You see, there’s a difference in the vibe you are giving off: Determined and focused on getting something done is different from open and approachable.

If you want to meet girls in unusual situations and in “normal” surroundings, you need to appear as open, friendly and approachable as possible.

Focus on Meeting Girls If You Want to Meet Girls

Also, if you focus on “getting things done” your focus will lead you to not noticing girls correctly. You’ll certainly won’t overlook them, but you will not be able to to make that instant connection that will take things further.

So, if you want to meet girls in your every day life, make sure you focus on meeting girls first, and getting your stuff done second. It does not work the other way, and you, as a man, probably won’t be able to hold both at equal levels in your mind. So make sure to know what your priorities are and focus on meeting girls when you want to meet girls.

Meet Girls on the Internet – A Waste of Time?

December 25th, 2010

Meet Girls on the Internet – Does it Make Sense to Meet Girls on the Internet or is it a Waste of Time?

May guys try to go the easy route in whatever they are doing. “Low effort” often trumps “productive”. What I mean by that is that many guys in pursuing a goal try to put in as least amount of energy and dedication, instead of asking themselves “what is the most productive way to do it?”

Meet Girls on the Internet- Why it Seems to be Easy

Meet Girls on the Internet seems indeed to be easy. There are tons of dating sites, and all advertise with many, many women. So, statistically, this should be easy- just sign up, send the same copy/paste message to hundreds of girls and watch your email inbox overflowing with responses.

Also, you can do everything from home… you do not have to get your more or less lazy a** out there in the real world. And, unlike talking to a real person in a real situation, it is all kind of virtual- making the risk of rejection less severe. If you email to a profile, and the girl does not email you back, there is no hurt ego… Whereas when you try to start a conversation in the real world and the girl lets you know that she is not interested, it might scratch your self esteem a bit. So meet girls on the internet seems to be the safe way.

So, to go the easy route, many guys try to meet girls on the internet. But… is it productive?

You are Having a Virtual Communication When You Meet Girls on the Internet

First of all, this is really a virtual communication. You do not know if the chick is for real or not (in fact, many “girls” on these sites are actually men trying to figure out what the competition is doing). And, even if there is a real girl behind the profile on the dating site, you do not know how much of the profile matches her real self, and how much is just pretending to be somebody she is not.

You see, we all want to be perceived in certain ways… and when somebody puts his or her profile up for the world to see, he or she will present herself in the best light possible. Be prepared for outdated photos from several years ago (she might have gained 20 pounds in the meantime), photos taken after a professional make over, or even photos of her sister claiming to be her. When you meet girls on the internet you are in a virtual world where every kind of deception is possible.

So, in the real world it is as much “you see what you get” as possible. In the virtual world of the internet everything is possible. So when you know which type of girl you want, you’ll have much better success looking in the real world for it, instead of scanning dating sites and spending time sorting out those who pretend to be your type but aren’t in the real world.

Meeting Girls on the Internet- Why She Might Not Even Show Up For a Date

Second, it often takes quite a bit of time and emailing back and forth until you finally have a date. And even then, she might not even show up for the date. Remember, you are just one of the many guys she meets on the internet.

When you meet girls in your daily life and in the real world things are radically different. You are a real person for her, and you have a chance to make an impact. If you do this correctly, she well be eager to show up for a date with you.

Meet Girls on the Internet- It’s a Game of Massive Numbers not in Your Favor

Third, girls on the internet (especially with attractive profiles) are bombarded with contact requests. You will have a hard time standing out. On the other hand, there are not many guys having the balls to go over to a girl at a coffee shop table (or any other situation) and just introduce himself. Just by starting a conversation in the real world you separate yourself from 99% of the guys out there.

Writing to an internet profile is something everybody can do. It is easy, yes, but not productive.

Meet Girls in Coffee Shops- Mistakes To Avoid

December 18th, 2010

If you want to meet girls in coffee shops be aware of three very common mistakes most guys make. It always baffles me how somebody could possibly make these mistakes but I see guys doing them all the time when they are interested in meeting girls in coffee shops.

Meet Girls in Coffee Shops- Mistakes: Read a Newspaper

You might think that reading a newspaper in a coffee shop makes you sort of classy and worldly. There is some truth to that, and reading a paper is certainly a more high-class activity than, for example, watching a silly TV show.
But in a coffee shop the paper in front of you creates a blockage preventing you from being seen and to see. As outlined in my article on meet girls at a coffee shop a good way to start a conversation is having eye contact first.
You can’t have that when a newspaper effectively blocks you from the world. Solution: Fold your paper so it does not take up that much space. And put it on the table instead of holding it up.

Meet Girls in Coffee Shops- Mistakes: Have Earphones On

If you want to talk you need to telegraph that you are able to listen. Particularly huge earphones covering the whole ear a not only unsightly, they give your environment the impression of “this guy is shielded in his own world and does not want to have a connection to the outer world”. This is the worst attitude you can convey when you want to meet girls in coffee shops and a bad mistake.
Keep your ears free and open, and girls will be much more open to talk to you.

Meet Girls in Coffee Shops- Mistakes: Have a Laptop With You

Having a laptop sitting in front of you has two disadvantages. First of all, everybody assumes you are busy working and will probably want to leave you alone with whatever you are doing. You might think this conveys “I’m an important person” but that’s not true: It says you are not getting your work done in the environment it usually is done (like at your workplace, or in your home office).
Second, The open laptop screen is once again a visible blocker between you and the rest of the world.

So, generally, one of the biggest mistakes guys make when they want to meet girls in coffee shops is that they somehow give the vibe of “I’m not approachable and open”. You will make yourself as open, friendly and happy to be with as possible and watch the magic unfold.

Meeting girls in coffee shops is easy if you avoid the most common mistakes and really can boost your love life tremendously. Girls hanging out in coffee shops tend to have more emotional stability and maturity compared to the night time crowd. So give it a try, just make sure you avoid the mistakes outlined above and keep yourself as open and approachable as possible and you’ll be on your way to learn how to meet girls.

Meet Girls at a Coffee Shop

December 9th, 2010

How to meet girls at a coffee shop – some easy tips on getting conversations and dates

Advantages of Meeting Girls at a Coffee Shop

Coffee shops are a great hunting ground to meet girls. People go there to chat, so they are automatically in talkative mood. Often they sit for quite some time there, leading to a slow-paced environment where you can casually meet somebody new and get to know her better.

Also, you often find a solo girl, without friends being around. These are often bored and easy to talk to. Watch out for the typical signs of a girl wanting to be entertained: Checking her phone all the time, texting a lot, reading fiction books, etc.

Sometimes you find girls studying and reading textbooks- either alone or in a small group. These are usually open to chatting as well. Don’t be distracted by the thought “she has something to do”. She could read undisturbed at home or in a library but chose not to do that. There is a reason why she goes to a public place- she wants to be in public and she wants to be at a social place.

Meet Girls at Coffee Shops- Get the Right Timing

From my experience the right time helps a lot. You don’t want to be there when people come in and are in a rush- this is mostly the early morning time. If girls com in early in the morning they usually don’t sit down, and if they do it’s just to have a quick bite to eat and a caffeine fix.

A good time is the afternoon. Mostly everybody who hangs out in the afternoon has time to spend and doesn’t mind talking to an interesting person. Weekend afternoons many popular coffee shops can become crowded. You can use this to your advantage- the proximity makes it easier to meet girls and start a conversation.

Strategies on How to Meet Girls at Coffee Shops

The first step is to get noticed. This does not work all the time, particularly when she is reading. But girls sitting in small groups and chatting or girls texting will often look around. Make sure you can be seen. Ordering your coffee (or whatever you are having) might take a bit of time, and that’s perfect because it gives you plenty of opportunity to get noticed.

Once you got your coffee, it’s time for the move- that’s the second step. Walk casually over and start a low-key, low-pressure conversation. This is not a nightclub where you have to keep her attention over loud music, lights flashing and other guys hitting on her. In fact, you’ll have zero male competition.

Good conversation starters are

  • what she is eating. Let her describe the mouth-watering quality and get her in a good mood.
  • what she is wearing- you could be looking for a birthday present for an old friend and really like what she is wearing. Pay attention to details like ear rings, scarfs etc.
  • her phone, her pen, her purse, anything she has in her posession

The third step is to wait for a spike in her energy and the connection you created. Once you’ve got that sit down. Important: Sit down as if it would be the most natural thing to do and you guys were old friends. Don’t point her attention on the fact you are sitting down. Don’t ask if the chair is taken, if she is waiting for friends etc. Establish yourself under the radar.

The fourth step is to make a genuine connection. You need to be interested in her as a person and be curious about her life and what is going on with her. Take things personal and share a lot of your personality and your personal life. It helps her to open up to you.

The fifth step is setting up a date for another meeting. Make it precise. Don’t fall into “I come in often, I’ll see you again”. You want an exact time and date, and you’ll meet her at another place. This could be a coffee shop as well, but you need to create variation. Don’t be boring.

As the sixth step take her phone number- only after you’ve secured the date. This is important. Way too many guys get phone numbers and hope they could miraculously build a connection on the phone. You have your chance to connect in person at the coffee shop, use it right then and there.

Meet Girls in Groups

If she is with friends the process works exactly the same. The only difference is that you need to befriend the group and keep the group engaged. If there are male friends around, make sure they like you first. Start talking to the guys first, befriend them and only after they know you are a cool guy move on to the girls.

Otherwise her male friends will probably try to protect her. So get male approval first.
In this short article I’ve shared some strategies on how to meet girls at a coffee shop- a very easy to manage environment.

Welcome to

September 17th, 2010

Welcome to, a website dedicated to give you unusual and efficient tips on how to meet girls. You know, desirable women are in high demand- and they are bombarded with guys trying to make contact. So what you need to do is: Be different! Do things differently right from the start and you’ll have a solid place in her mind first.

Way too many men do things like they think they should do them… this applies to meeting girls as well. You came to this website because things are not working that perfectly for you, right? So obviously what you do right now does not lead to the desired result- and to get where you want to you need new, innovative ways to meet girls. will help you with that. It comes from my daily experiences meeting women in unusual ways. And of course, I encourage you to leave comments- I’ll reply soon. if you have a great tip on ho to meet girls, share it- we all can benefit from it. This is something that never comes to an end, you can always get better at meeting girls.

Once again, glad to see you here at, we’ll have an awesome time discussing how to meet girls.

Meet Girls

September 17th, 2010

When you’re looking for new, innovative ways to meet girls, you’re in the right spot! In this article I’ll cover an unusual, effective strategy to meet girls.  And- don’t you want to avoid the situation when girls are hammered with approaching guys (basically waiting in line to talk to her)? If you employ this surprising technique, you’ll have zero competition to meet girls.

And she’ll remember you. Not like “one of the 20 guys of last night partying that tried talking to her” but as “standing out from the crowd and doing something unusual”. Of course, all of this means you need to be comfortable doing unusual things. So get into the mindset of “I’m doing things my way to meet girls” first.

Today’s Meet Girls Tip: Grocery Shopping

You know what… We all need something to eat, and we all go shopping for it. In fact, in a grocery store you’ll meet all kinds of girls. Not only the “party chicks” who frequent bars and clubs, you’ll meet just about every type of girl you can imagine.

Which Store to Go to Meet Girls

So the starting point is this: You need to be know which type of girl you like. Then select the store this type of girl goes to. For example, I like them slim, flexible and emotionally balanced. A good store for this kind of girls is a health-oriented grocery store, you know the type with tons of organic produce, special cosmetics and  maybe even a self-help book section.

Scan the shopping opportunities in your city for which type of girl goes where, and become a regular at the store where the girls go you like. Becoming a regular means getting to know the employees as well. Just saying “Hi” is usually enough for them to remember you- nobody else does it.

Meet Girls- Why You Should Know Everybody in the Place You Go To

And if this extends to a little chit-chat, all the better: You want to be warmed up before you start meeting girls and talking to them. there are two more reasons why you want to be known by the staff.

First of all, you’ll spend some time walking around looking for girls to meet. You do not want that they start to think you are there to steal stuff. If you talk to the employees stocking up the shelves (or even cleaning) and they know you, you won’t raise a red flag by lingering around too much.

Second, if you talk to a girl you’ve just met and an employee comes along and says “Hi. Great seeing you again. How’s your day going?” or something like that, you gain immediately social proof in the eye of the girl. Makes sense?

So how to meet girls at a grocery store… There are two positions: When they are in the store trying to find things to buy, and at the cash register. Let’s start with girls in the store looking for things to buy.

Meet Girls While They Look for Things to Buy

“Looking for things to buy” means: She is not prepared to meet somebody. You’ll stand out from everybody when you start talking to her and leave quite an impression by doing so. This means as well: If you have the thought in your mind “I’m going to disturb her in what she is doing, she will not like me because of that” then- what do you think will happen? It will come across and, yes, she will not like you.

A much better attitude to meet girls in a grocery store would be “She’s here getting her shopping done, I’m here getting my shopping done, let’s shop together and make it fun”. So that’s your angle and the way to start the conversation if you want to meet girls shopping for groceries. You start with something they’ve either bought (and is in their shopping cart) or they look at.

Conversation Starter to Meet Girls

As in “Are these strawberries really good? They look delicious, but they are now kind of out of season” or when she’s looking at cereal “Have you tried this brand before? I’m unsure about if it’s too sweet”. So you start with something very casual, ask her opinion on something she either looks at or has already in her shopping cart.

And then you just take what she says, and build up on that. Make it funny, make it interesting and most important: Make it emotional. Ask her what she likes about this food and get her in the state of mind of being excited about it. Trust me, emotional arousal in your presence pays off.

How to Take Things Further After Meeting Girls

At a certain point you need to decide if you like her enough to take things to the next level. If so, always try to get her to go with you right now. Choose something innocent (like coffee or ice cream, or a frozen yogurt place nearby). Only if she does not have time (or comes up with another excuse) try to get her phone number.

Secret tip: Stores usually have a way to drive foot traffic in certain directions, for example clock-wise or counter clock-wise. No what you do to meet girls successfully: Go against the flow, against the traffic. Don’t try to meet girls by approaching from the back. Always come up in her field of vision.

Meeting Girls When Checking Out

Meeting girls at the checkout is a bit more tricky. It only works well if there is a queue. Try to position yourself in a way that she will stand behind you. Then, turn around, look at her shopping cart and start the conversion by asking a question about something she wants to buy. Since she has nothing to do, she will answer gladly and you can take the conversation easily to the next level.

Trick: After you’ve paid stay around for a bit longer until she has paid. Then start talking to her again, and that’s usually a good moment to ask her to have a coffee with you right then and there.

In this short article I gave you some ideas and tips on how to meet girls in a grocery store. If you’ve never done it, it might seem quite uncomfortable- but trust me, it works and is a great way to meet girls.

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